Machine Operation Saltsburg PA

  • Position Type: Contract

Machine Operation:  Saltsburg, PA

One of our clients is a manufacturer located in the Saltsburg, PA / Bell Township area.  In partnership with them, we’re looking for individuals with prior manufacturing experience who’d be comfortable working in a union environment. 

Most individuals with proficient manufacturing experience will qualify, immediately, to operate their spot welding equipment (classified as a General Machine Operator).  Any other applicable machining experience could qualify candidates to work as Manual Machine Operators, or Automatic Machine Operators.

All general manufacturing candidates will start, as a temp, at $12/hour.  The temp-to-hire duration is 60 working days.  Once the 60th day has been reached, our client is free to bring you on as a permanent employee if they deem it a good fit.

Once hired perm, each position’s hourly pay rate will increase, incrementally, every six months until reaching its cap after two years.  Below is a list of the temp-to-perm positions we fill and their respective caps. 


Automatic Machine Operator:

Current Cap:  $23.93

As of 9/1/2018:  $24.33


Component Production: 

Current Cap:  $23.93

As of 9/1/2018:  $24.33


Manual Machine Operators:

Current Cap:  $23.08

As of 9/1/2018: $23.48


General Machine Operators:

Current Cap:  $18.73

As of 9/1/2018:  $19.13


Packing Department:

Current Cap:  $22.54

As of 9/1/2018: $22.94


Materials Department: 

Current Cap:  $23.16

As of 9/1/2018:  $23.56


Newly hired employees – temps included – are capable of and encouraged to bid on any open positions that may provide greater earning potential. 

For any inquiries, please feel free to give our office a call.  412-798-0779. All applicable candidates will be required pass a drug test and full criminal background screen. 

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