Hydraulic Repair Technician

  • Position Type: Direct Hire




Disassembles, tests and repairs all types of hydraulic components.



Tests stands, micrometer, surface grinder, honing machine, hoists, fork trucks, porta powers, and small hand tools, presses.


 (1)      Dismantles and cleans all types of hydraulic components.

 (2)      Performs repair on all types of components using a variety of hand tools.

 (3)      Operates various shop equipment including lapping machine, drill press, lathe, honing machine, etc.

 (4)      Utilizes prints to ensure correct assembly that meets quality standards.

 (5)      Orders necessary parts to complete the rebuild.

 (6)      Handles paperwork to requisition parts, return parts to stock and may create work orders for outside vendors for chroming, etc.

(7)      Inspects completed units and certifies that they are to Joy standards.  Completes electronic reports and other quality documents.

 (8)      Operates and maintains test stands and other test equipment.

 (9)      Paints, packs and ships hydraulic components and completes necessary paperwork.

(10)     Properly handles all waste materials.

(11)     Performs other assignments at the direction of departmental supervision.

(12)     Obeys all safety rules and performs housekeeping functions.


The above statements reflect general details and do not contain all work requirements of the job.





 1.  Use basic match

 2.  Perform metric conversions

 3.  Read assembly drawings

 4.  Read machine drawings

 5.  Read hydraulic circuit prints

 6.  Read piping diagrams

 7.  Use tape measure

 8.  Use micrometer

 9.  Use calipers

10. Use dial indicators

11. Use depth mics

12.  Use feeler gauge

13.  Use pressure gauge

14.  Use flow gauge

15.  Use temperature gauge

16. Safety training (Haz-Com, Lock Out / Tag Out, PPE, MSDS, Housekeeping, Lifting, Electrical)

17.  Knowledgeable of ISO

18.  Use presses

19.  Able to do some welding

20.  Proper operation of fork trucks

21.  Use test stands

22.  Use porta-power

23.  Use honing machine

24.  Operate parts washer

25.  Operate paint booth

26.  Basic computer skills


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