• Position Type: Direct Hire



Dismantles, inspects, repairs and assembles all types of mining equipment along with associated component parts such as gears, pumps, etc.



Hand tools, pneumatic tools, welding equipment, tow motor, hoists, shop measuring devices, band saw, cutting torches, computer, etc.


  1. Dismantles and inspects complete machines and their component parts.
  2. Determines necessary repairs and orders parts as required
  3. Installs bearings, oil seals, etc., and assembles the completed part
  4. Installs repaired parts on complete machines using necessary hand tools and welding equipment
  5. Cuts and installs hydraulic hoses and fittings
  6. Uses SAP system to order parts
  7. Uses press to straighten parts and cutting equipment to reshape parts
  8. Uses tow motors and hoists to move and position parts
  9. Operates steam cleaner as necessary.
  10. Obeys all safety rules and performs housekeeping functions.
  11. Assembles and performs final assembly work.
  12. Cross functional work force.


The above statements reflect general details and do not contain all work requirements of the job.




  1. Use basic math
  1. Perform metric conversions
  1. Read assembly drawings
  1. Read weldment drawings
  1. Use tape
  1. Use micrometer
  1. Use caliper
  1. Use dial indicators
  1. Use depth mics
  1. Use feeler gauge
  1. Use flow gauge
  1. Use temperature gauge
  1. Proper operation of fork trucks
  1. Proper operation of cranes
  1. Safety training (Haz-Com, Lock Out / Tag Out, PPE, MSDS, Housekeeping, Lifting, Electrical)
  1. Knowledgeable of ISO
  1. Use presses
  1. Use test stands
  1. Use bead blaster and shot blaster
  1. Use grinders
  1. Use porta-power
  1. Basic computer skills
  1. Knowledgeable of SAP applications
  1. Understands Preload
  1. Understands Backlash
  1. Operates steam cleaner
  1. Operates band saw
  1. Uses cutting torches
  1. Use torques wrenches


__________  Two years experience in heavy equipment or automotive


__________  Have basic tools or be willing to purchase, including 1” and ¾”

                        drive set

__________  Able to work any shift

__________  Able to work overtime

___________Able to work weekends




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