Material Handler

  • Position Type: Contract

Material Handler Job Description


The work of a material handler is required in distribution centers or warehouses. Material handling forms an integral part of a company’s supply chain and therefore, this job needs to be performed with a lot of dedication and responsibility because the slightest mistake can distort the proper functioning of the entire supply chain.

Job description

As the title of this job suggests the work of a material handler is to handle all types of material coming in and going out of the factory or warehouse. The material handler also needs to ensure that materials are placed in their proper position and are available for use where they are needed.

Job duties

Some of the duties that a material handler needs to perform in order to meet his job description are as follows:

  • Take care of loading and unloading of the material from the trucks
  • Check that proper quantity is being given and received by comparing the quantity with that on the invoice
  • Use simple equipment for moving material for example forklifts
  • Handle the necessary documentation while receiving or sending materials
  • Ensure that proper quantities are kept for each type of stock item
  • Know the right place in the factory or warehouse floor where every item should be stored


The work of a material handler involves physical labor and use of some basic observation and managing skills. A person applying for this job must have the following skills:

  • Physical stamina to be able to walk around the floor area
  • Know how to sort and classify things
  • Be able to use simple machinery for moving materials
  • Be able to work in a loud, noisy and congested environment
  • Have basic skills to record payment and issue proper documents while receiving and giving material
  • Have knowledge of safety standards

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